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Sprockets is an alternative pop rock band originally from Boise, ID who is now accomplishing what others deemed to be impossible in Las Vegas, NV. They are sticking to their guns, growing together to complete their goals and make their dreams a reality. Taking their influences from bands such as the Used, Thrice, Alkaline Trio, The Dangerous Summer and Blink182.

“Medicated Empty” is Sprockets sophomore LP release produced by Mike Herrera (MXPX). It was an album that helped tone and develop a style that would continue to grow. The release of Medicated Empty was well received. The bands singles are still broadcasting on radio station, internet radio and podcasts throughout the country. “Uniformed Mascara” was featured on the NBC’s “Life” season 2 finale. Since the 2010 release new members Jesse Magana and Matty Decarlo have joined the gang. This amalgamation was now perfect, developing and merging the members’ styles together. Blending each individual influence to create the unique sound of Sprockets today. Sprockets first release with the new member was the LP  “Armageddon Pigments” produced by Jesse Lawson (Sleeping with Sirens) which proved to be a resurgence of creativity and excitement “Self Made” “Neon Alley” and “Romantic as Hell” are on radio stations in the northwest along with many podcast and playlists throughout the world. Currently recording their newest album “Ricochet Death.” Their first single “Timeless Fiends” was released January 01, 2021 and since then have released “Wandering Werewolf” “The Orbit of Leo Crustacean” “Matchbook Strike” and “Galavanting” all ramping up to release the full album in 2022. 

Sprockets has toured the West Coast and beyond, including MT, WA, OR, NM, CA, UT, TX, and AZ. The band has been blessed to share the stage with many amazing and talented bands. Including Imagine Dragons, MXPX, Unwritten Law, Hawthorne Heights, Mest, Death by Stereo, The Mediam, Safety Suit, Audio Karate, Ataris, Kaddisfly and On the Last Day to name a few. With each show and with every fan they meet, Sprockets leaves a lasting impression that creates a craving and desire for their immediate and speedy return. Sprockets music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Googleplay, Deezer and more.




  • “JINXED!” – Full Length LP 2022

  • “Armageddon Pigments” – Full Length LP 2018

  • “Prologue” – EP 2016

  • “Medicated Empty” - Full length LP 2010

  • “Screaming Over Car Alarms” – EP 2008

  • “Sympathetic Addictions” – Full Length LP 2007​

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